As a valued contributing partner, we appreciate you being a part of The Savants family and invite you to join and contribute to our digital media platform. 

Think of our digital platform as a cross between a lifestyle publication and lived experience community where content gets created by a roster of hundreds of brilliant minds who live and breathe the “Savant” life and special purpose every day.  

Our editorial mantra is simple: we’re mainstreaming autism for the cool kids (that includes you)—something that works well in your home, local community or organization tends to lend itself well to something our global audience of unique monthly users enjoys reading, listening to, or watching. 

Getting Started

You need an idea, something you want to share about your experience in, and the ability to put together an outline to show us that your idea is likely to be of interest to our readers. From that point on, we’re happy to assess and provide feedback during the drafting process.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish

We like articles that introduce new ideas and advance conversations around topics and trends that engage our readers—think op-ed rather than content marketing. We appreciate lively, polished writing that balances what you have learned in your journey as a family or research as an organization with anecdotes or examples that help illustrate your point of view.

These include but are not limited to:

Opinion. Especially if it is unfiltered. Op-eds are 50% of our content makeup. Do you have a strong opinion on something in our community and the research to back it up? Is it funny and hopefulEdgy and mainstream? NOT just dealing with autism but thriving as a family. What is your inner monologue? You’re unfiltered “TikTok” inside? The essay you never wrote that you scribbled on napkins at Starbucks when your kid was stuck in there for an hour and no other bathroom was available. We want to hear it!

Lifestyle, cause issues, and health. At The Savants we believe our collective experience with autism in our lives plays a hugely important role in defining the future of our world. We want your story to help take that narrative beyond acceptance and awareness into action! We want the answers to the questions no one ever asks.

Personal Stories. Our community wouldn’t be successful without the capacity to share great, emotional stories. Any insight you can provide on how our readers can do things better would be really well received. 

Life Hacks & Tutorials — Either helping people get started with a new autism-friendly diet, or walking them through the process of building an effective routine or productive active and lifestyle full of mind, body, and spirit with their children. As The Savants look to be inclusive to the entire community, we welcome general audience life hacks and tutorials that help people of all backgrounds as well.

What Do We Not Publish

We do not publish articles that are an obvious attempt at content marketing. While your experience in your organization or company and with your product is valuable, pieces full of links to your product, or which are a walkthrough of how to use your product, will be rejected. Think about what you may have learned rather than trying to sell to our readers. 

Sponsored Posts, Podcast Sponsorship and More

We do have sponsored post options for brands, companies, and organizations who would like to increase their visibility within our community. Examples: be a company operating in the healthy lifestyle space sponsoring a series of articles about how to maximize the effectiveness of diet and exercise to improve your child’s, mom, dad, and families health and mind; or an email service sponsoring an article about your gluten-free, Casein-Free, Paleo or Keto diet based food product, store locations where products are designed for the autism community or an organization looking to provide resources or seek donations from the community. Contact the Editor if you would like to discuss this. 

Who Are We Publishing For?

The Savant audience are real people working and living normal lives under extraordinary circumstances. When you write, assume that your reader is a knowledgeable peer ready for a compassionate non-condescending editorial vibe. Practical advice that comes from real experience, plus well-researched opinion is what we aim for. Articles are ideally between 600-900 words each; we can accommodate more if needed but the target should be between 600-900. To submit an outline or content idea to us, send it directly to