Welcome to The Savants!

Hi, I’m Kathryn Morris, an actress, producer, entrepreneur and mama.

I grew up traveling the south singing gospel music out of a Volkswagen bus with my bible thumping father and siblings. Jesus gave me an acting career working in Hollywood with the greats and a true gift for swearing like a sailor.

I was a reluctant breeder with all the work and fun, and gave birth late in the game to perfect twin boys who suddenly fell into the depths of autism spectrum disorders.

I didn’t expect this—no one does. I became a single mom. I’m not an authority on autism, but I am a lover of women’s intuition and supporting the dads too. I also love talking about nothing to do with autism.

If you are a parent in the early stages of a spectrum journey I walk behind you, next to you and ahead of you—I am still going through it.

If you are autistic, I value your insight as pure and vivid as my sons. I hope to share our story of navigating life whether your kids fall on the spectrum or not.

My biggest fear has become my greatest adventure—It is the best thing that has happened to me.