Is DPA stimulating; can it be used with kids and someone with bipolar disorder?

DPA (d-phenylalanine) is an amino acid that destroys the enzyme that breaks down endorphins. Endorphins are feel-good chemicals that you experience with an endorphin rush when you go for a run or when someone gives you a big hug, when you show kindness to someone or someone does something nice for you. The amino acid DPA helps to raise your endorphins. With low endorphins you can feel very weepy, overly emotional, be extra sensitive to emotional pain, be sensitive to physical pain, and indulge in comfort/reward eating. Today I’m sharing some questions (and my feedback) as to whether it’s stimulating, can it be used with kids and someone with bipolar disorder, can it be used with a benzo/SSRI and more… Read full article

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