“everything all of the time” all year round…

Dear Savants,

As the sun sets on Autism Awareness Month, tomorrow will be another beautiful day for my family with and without that “A” word. 

May will turn into June bringing a “hot as hell” summer, field trips with strawberry picking (sensory funnel all over my couch) into the best bashed-up bouquets on Mother’s Day. Silverback hugs on Father’s Day, Grandparents’ birthday parties, swim camp, and tailgating for the first time on the 4th of July (headphones standing by). 
Sand will get in our swim trunks. 
It will all be too much. 
We will air dry and move on.
School daze will rile it all up to a “monster mash” of a Halloween (scary) only in a good way. Turkeys will be dry in November revived with gravy. Santa will remember the big gift and snowballs will be hurled. It will be gluten-free, casein-free sweetened naturally (it won’t be a bummer … I promise). Grandma will bake for you once a week—that one weird recipe. 

You may be in a sea of labels, early intervention, loneliness, and “concern” with a group wanting to support … but maybe not always sure how to connect. Fights and tears will occur. But I promise it’s worth it. You will make up. Maybe that “non-toxic” elephant in the room—will make you laugh until you pee yourself. You will connect with your child beyond your comprehension.

We will crash a wedding as promised with those Savants who have helped this mama get to this day. We will dance with strangers!

The Savants is just about to open the doors wide to our cool community of contributors and tastemakers with real-life hacks, bringing rock-solid love for you and your entire family. 

We got you! 


Kathryn Morris

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